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"Mommy Never Told Me" is out!

On May 24th 2017, we announced that we would be casting for subjects for a documentary that explored the way that black women are introduced to love & sex. Three years later, we are officially releasing our documentary, Mommy Never Told Me to the public.

A Statement from the Director:

"I grew up in a home led by my mother, and I know I'm not alone. My parents got divorced when I was very young, but even before that, I never got to see my parents in a healthy relationship. My grandparents were married for fifty two years, but my grandfather died before I was born. I've never actually seen a healthy relationship, but I've longed to experience one. I entered my dating life with the only examples of love I knew as my only reference points. I gave way too much of myself for too little in return. I began to have sex looking for love, not realizing that the former should've come after the latter. This film is a gathering of Black women who have all been introduced to love in different ways. Some have had healthy examples of relationships, some are in love with their high school sweethearts, some are virgins, and some have yet to experience love. Mommy Never Told Me is a film for us to talk it all out, and have the conversations that need to be had."

  • The director's statement above is from 2018

We are choosing to release this film now, for free (donations accepted and encouraged), because this work is just the start of the conversation. My understanding of intersectionality and inclusion has come a long way since working on the film. Many of the women featured in the film have grown so much since our conversations 3 years ago, some of them have had children of their own. We will continue to document our stories and continue conversation in OUR community. This is the first of many projects to be released through Hoodrat Feminist as a creative umbrella. Feedback is welcome!

- Hoodrat Feminist a.k.a Tasneem Nathari

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